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Feel safe travelling. Anywhere.

Join Path's rapidly growing community to protect the journeys of yourself and those you care most about.

See the safety score for every journey

Choose your routes based on the safety of the route, not just the speed. Path's unique safety score allows you to choose the route that is right for you and to avoid potential hazards.

It's created by combining historic crime data with the inputs of our users and your local community.

Not just for walking

Whether walking, cycling, driving or using public transport - we have you covered.


Public Transport



Keep your loved-ones safe

Let those you care about link you to their journey as a guardian. As soon as they arrive safely Path notifies you automatically so no need for them to remember. Once they have arrived the connection is severed so everyone keeps their privacy. Path also notifies you if anything unusual happens - like a change of direction or pace - you'll be alerted with their live location and journey history.

Never travel alone again

If you encounter trouble on your route you can alert your nominated guardians at the touch of a button Also, because we know you may not always have access to your phone, Path will automatically alert them if it senses something suspicious.

Share real-time feedback

Help make sure the Path map is accurate and up-to-date by reporting your own concerns and validating concerns raised by the community.

Path then works with local government to tackle the problems most felt by the community.

Earn with every journey

Path actually pays users to choose the safety routes and report concerns. With every journey you earn points that can be redeemed with a huge number of incredible brands. These rewards are constantly changing and updating so it's always good to save up as many points as possible.

How to earn points


Get to your destination safely


Mark your concerns on the map


Confirm the concerns of other users


To ensure everyone feels comfortable to take the journeys they want to, when they want to.

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Add your loved ones so they will be notified if anything happens along your journey

What our customers say

Finally...an app that keeps our children safe whilst walking alone. I have no doubt that this brilliant app will save countless lives. Thank you Path Community as parents you’ve given us all much-needed peace of mind

Making the community safer! This app is brilliant! It makes me feel safer going home but I also love that it contributes to a safer community. Strongly recommend people using it.

This is so needed! So grateful for this and the fact that it has everything in built already, to help create safer journeys 🙌🏽

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