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Alone together.

Walk home safely with automated check-ins and crowd sourced safe areas.

Link your emergency contacts

Add your loved ones so they will be notified if anything happens along your journey

App screenshot showing the Choose your guardian view

Walk home safely

Use Path to get safely from A to B. Path will check on you if you stop moving, move away from the route or dramatically increase speed, notifying your guardians if we think something is wrong.

App screenshot showing the away from path nudge notification functionality

Build a safer community

Help build a safer community by sharing areas of concern during / after your journey. We pass this data anonymously to the Met police and local councils so they can improve your local area.

App screenshot showing the report concern functionality

What our customers say app that keeps our children safe whilst walking alone. I have no doubt that this brilliant app will save countless lives. Thank you Path Community as parents you’ve given us all much-needed peace of mind

30th December 2021

Making the community safer! This app is brilliant! It makes me feel safer going home but I also love that it contributes to a safer community. Strongly recommend people using it.

28th December 2021

This is so needed! So grateful for this and the fact that it has everything in built already, to help create safer journeys 🙌🏽

31st December 2021

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Our mission

Many of us have felt unsafe or unsure on a journey at one point or another with little power to do anything about it but hope for the best. We knew this wasn't good enough and that there must be a way to help.

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