Our Mission

Many of us have felt unsafe or unsure on a journey at one point or another with little power to do anything about it but hope for the best. We knew this wasn't good enough and that there must be a way to help.

Path was created to ensure no one ever feels unsafe regardless of their race, gender, sexual preference or background.

Path is a crowdsourced safety and navigation platform that helps get you to where you need to go in the safest way possible whilst also contributing to the wider community by flagging problematic areas to councils and police.  It is designed to enable our communities to keep one another from harm by reporting those instances which feel threatening and keeping an eye on those we care about most. It ensures that whenever we are alone, we are alone together.

Not every route is the same. A journey you take a thousand times could be different just once and that is all that matters. Path protects users by learning from the inputs of others and mapping the best route for their chosen destination, on that day at that time. So you always have the most up to date information about which way to go.

By working with Path you can help us re-draw the maps for cities and towns alike. We partner with local governments and law enforcement to highlight where work needs to be done. This ensures the community-driven feedback you share is able to help as many people as possible, everywhere, every day.

We are a community that cares about one another and a community of change. Join us on this journey today.